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Udemy Free Course Title – SEO Training: Complete SEO Course & SEO Copywriting MASTERY

SEO Guide 2023: SEO Copywriting, SEO Content Marketing, SEO Link Building, Modern SEO, Voice SEO, Video SEO & Local SEO.

SEO Training: Complete SEO Course & SEO Copywriting MASTERY
Table of Contents

Instructors Name: Ing. Tomas Moravek, Beck Robertson

Course Price: ₹3,499 100% off (This offer is for a limited time only)

Course Language: English

This course includes:

  1. 38 hours on-demand video
  2. 18 articles
  3. 112 downloadable resources
  4. 1 practice test
  5. Full lifetime access
  6. Access on mobile and TV
  7. Assignments
  8. Certificate of completion


  • This Course is Optimised into Easy Daily Study Sections. Please, try to Study Every Day One Section.
  • You are Expected to Study from 30 to 60 Minutes Every Day. Please, Watch the Entire Course and do Honestly All Quizzes & Writing Assignments.
  • Please, Do Not Expect to Learn Everything in 30 Minutes. This SEO Copywriting Course is Meant to Explain Everything Step-by-step to Make you Professional SEO Copywriting Consultant.
  • A Computer and Internet Connection. Prior Knowledge of SEO or Website Coding or Design not Required.
  • No Website Required - If you Do Not Have a Website, I'll Teach You How to Create a Mobile Friendly Site on Wordpress. No Coding Knowledge or Design Experience Needed - at All.

What you'll learn:

  • Step by Step Walkthroughs to Help You Learn 210 SEO Factors Using My "Easy to Understand" Approach. Learn the Latest, Most Powerful Modern SEO Techniques.
  • Learn How to Use Proceed On-page, Content & Image SEO, Using My Practical Hands on Approach - Watch Over My Shoulder then Copy My Techniques for Fast Success!
  • White Hat SEO Strategies to Make Your SEO Fully Compliant with Google Quality Guidelines. Learn SEO for Voice & Video Search & Gain a Vital Edge for Business.
  • Up-skill and Use Your Knowledge to Boost Your Business or Switch Careers and Become a #1 Seo Expert - Work as an Seo Freelancer or Land that Highly Paid Job.
  • Increase Your C-T-R by Making Featured Snippets Work for Your Business. Unleash the Full Power of Google Rank Brain with My Secret Insider Tips.
  • Learn Mobile SEO and Learn How to Optimise UX Signals to Boost Your Google Page Rankings. Discover How to Create Engaging Content that is Optimised.
  • Learn Wordpress SEO Yoast & Wordpress Security and Achieve Optimum Performance for Your Blog or Website. Create Stunning, Fully Responsive, Mobile Optimised Web
  • Get My Complete Guide to Mastering Google My Business Using Google Maps. Discover How to Use Powerful SEO Tools for Greatly Improved SEO Performance.
  • Harness the Power of Rich Snippets and Featured Snippets and Gain Free Promotion for Your Business! Learn How to Master the Google Search Console Configuration.
  • Discover what you Need to Do & Why with Easy Step by Step Template Guidance. Then Save Hours of Time by Quickly Tweaking them so they Fit your Needs Exactly.
  • Learn Persuasive SEO Copywriting Techniques to Hook Potential Customers Fast. Build Trust & Get to that Sale. Benefit from Pro Content Creation Templates.
  • Easily Use & Adjust Professional Copywriting Templates to Help Promote your Business. Reach out Key Opinion Leaders. Write Ads & Business Descriptions.
  • Write Content for your Blog. Know how to Write In-Depth Guides & In-Depth Listicles. Know how Write Landing Pages with Correct Local SEO, even for E-commerce.
  • Respond Correctly to Positive, Neutral & Negative Reviews on Google my Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor & Booking. Know how to Cope with Negative Reviews & Claims.
  • Write Proper Descriptions for Google My Business, TripAdvisor & LinkedIn Profile. Write Short & Long Post on Google my Business and LinkedIn Status Update.
  • Use the Power of Cold Email Marketing. Use Templates to Reach out Potential Customers, Key Opinion Leaders & Influencers. Reach out on Social Media.
  • Learn how to Create Content that Persuades, Attracts, and Converts with our Expert Templates for E-commerce that you Customise to Suit your own Products.
  • Write Perfect Landing Page Copy. Craft High Performing YouTube Descriptions. Create Traffic-Generating Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook Ads that Sell.
  • Every Piece of Content you’ll Ever Need to Sell your Products Effectively Online. Super Enjoyable HQ Animated Course with HQ Voice Over, Quizzes & Assignments.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and is willing to put honest effort into his/her development
  • B2C, B2B, entrepreneurs, start-ups, marketers, influencers, Facebook admins, Facebook editors, sales reps, copywriters, content creators, creatives, advertisers, real estate agents, affiliates, job seekers, local business, and anyone who wants to succeed online as a Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Messenger Ads freelancer

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